Special Needs Planning

Are you the parent of a child with special needs?

Planning for a loved one with a disability is vitally important to prepare for the time when you can no longer be here. A thoughtfully considered plan can dramatically affect the quality of life down the road for your loved one, and provide you with peace of mind through knowing that you have done all you can to address your loved one’s special circumstances.

How We Help You

Foundational Estate Planning

As you may guess, the Foundational Estate Plan is the planning piece that we all need to have in place. Our clients are each unique, and therefore each plan we create is unique as well. But each plan provides peace of mind, protects against unnecessary expense and delay, and keeps control where you want it. You (and not the courts) are able to choose your helpers in advance, knowing that should something happen to you, your loved ones, and everything you’ve worked so hard for will be protected.

Special Needs Planning

Proper planning for a loved one with a disability helps preserve possibilities for that beneficiary. Your plan must contain provisions which address your specific, special circumstances. A plan with thoughtful special needs provisions can have an amazing impact on the future quality of life for a beneficiary with special needs.