Wills and Trusts

Are you planning for your future?

No matter what your personal and family situation is, we can help you cover your bases. Whether you are in a blended family, are nearing retirement, are planning for your young children, or want to establish your health care desires, the tools we use can help you accomplish your planning goals.

How We Help You

Foundational Estate Planning

As you may guess, the Foundational Estate Plan is the planning piece that we all need to have in place. Our clients are each unique, and therefore each plan we create is unique as well. But each plan provides peace of mind, protects against unnecessary expense and delay, and keeps control where you want it. You (and not the courts) are able to choose your helpers in advance, knowing that should something happen to you, your loved ones, and everything you’ve worked so hard for will be protected.

Advanced Estate Planning

Some clients will need a bit more than a Foundational Plan. Perhaps you have a business to coordinate within your plan. Maybe you have some unique assets to address. Maybe your estate has grown to a level where estate tax must be addressed beyond the basics. We can address all of the extra “wrinkles” that your specific situation may require.