What We Can Learn From TV Families: The Brady Bunch

The Bradys are a great example of the kind of planning needed for a blended family.  Mike and Carol are in their second marriage, and each have children from their first (Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy).

With blended families, the estate plan must address important issues surrounding “his and her” kids (and sometimes “his, hers, and ours”).

If we assume Carol outlives Mike, and that he left his assets to her outright and not in a trust, Mike’s boys could be at risk.

Maybe Carol remarries, and either mistakenly or intentionally adds her new husband as a joint owner to some of the assets.  New husband will now “inherit” those assets upon Carol’s death, rather than the sons inheriting, as couples usually intend.

Mike and Carol also considered the housekeeper, Alice, to be a member of the family.  They wanted her to be included along with their children as a beneficiary of their estate.  However, if Mike and Carol have not done their estate plan Alice will not be included, because the law will not recognize Alice as a potential beneficiary since she is not a blood relative.