What We Can Learn From The Movies: Cinderella

We all know the basic premise. Cinderella’s father adores his young daughter, but he is concerned about his ability to raise her alone after her mother dies. So, he marries ��a woman of good family” who also has two young daughters just Cinderella’s age.

The father dies shortly after, and only then do we learn the true nature of the step-mother.  Evil step-mother makes Cinderella a servant in her own home, and does all she can to prevent her from finding her Prince.

It all works out in the end.  (It is Disney, after all).  But let’s consider what would have happened if Dad had put together a good plan, rather than relying on the goodness of someone else’s heart.

Cinderella would have received her inheritance in a trust, with her favorite uncle named as Trustee.  Uncle would be able to manage the assets in the trust for her benefit, ensure that she was well taken care of, and that she had enough for college and to get established in life.

Dad also named kind Uncle as Cinderella’s guardian, to help manage her personally, and Uncle helped Cinderella as she grew up into a fine young woman, and started her career and family.

No evil step-mom. No awful step-sisters. No need for a bail-out from the Prince… and not the most compelling movie, of course.  But a great result for Cinderella and her family.